INFORMATION for prospective students

Our focus is on providing a very strong research track.  Our students are strongly encouraged to get involved in writing grant applications, to present their work at local and international conferences, and to publish their work.

Our postgraduate students gain a great deal from working as part of a lab – it provides a strong support system.  Rather than working in isolation, you work as part of a team that shares interests and expertise. Most students work within established research programs, and benefit from the established networks and collaborations.  Our students are provided with a central place to work, and with space to conduct their research.  ACSENT provides access to both sophisticated equipment and to unique clinical populations.

Our collaborators include:

Cross University Brain and Behavior Iniative (CUBBI)

Students have access to the following equipment:

fMRI – 3T scanner at CUBIC

fMRI compatible EEG

Sleep lab with polysomnographic equipment

Ambulatory monitoring system for psychophysiological research


Neurocognitive test batteries

Programming software for delivering experimental protocols

Homegrown software for generating face composites

Several of the existing research programs offer scholarships or bursaries.  More funding options are available through UCT’s Postgraduate Funding Office: see

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