Dr Michelle Hoogenhout

PhD 2017

Examining Empathy in Autism Spectrum Disorders. This study investigated  cognitive, behavioural and autonomic responses to facial emotional recognition, perception of pain and the detection of social transgressions. This study was done in collaboration with University of Wurzberg, Germany.

Dr Michelle Hoogenhout; Supervisor: Dr Susan Malcolm-Smith; Co-Supervisors:
Prof Peter Weyers and Dr Stefan Schulz (U Wurz).

Dr Nadine Lindinger

PhD 2016

Examining social cognition in South African children with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders. Dr Nadine Lindinger is a Post Doctoral Fellow at the Child Development Research Lab, UCT.  She completed her PhD in this area, and continues to work on the FASD cohort established in the 1990's by Profs Sandy and Jo Jacobson of Wayne State University and Prof Chris Molteno of UCT.  We are developing new protocols to assess social cognition and social emotional functioning in adolescents and young children.

Dr  Nadine Lindinger; Collaborators: Andrea Kemp, Dr Susan Malcolm-Smith, Prof Sandy Jacobson, Prof Jo Jacobson (Wayne State U), Prof Chris Molteno (UCT),
Prof Ernesta Meintjes (MRC Neuroimaging Unit, UCT)

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